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Core Values


Heart and soul dog training.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about what makes K9 Reflection so special!

My name is Lauren Klein and I founded K9 Reflection because helping people and dogs has helped me find peace and purpose In my life. I've been lucky enough to work with dogs in all different environments including veterinary care, daycare and boarding, as well as my 4+ years of full-time, hands-on training. I’ve learned time and time again that no matter the breed or upbringing, each dog is a unique individual with their own learning style, personality, fears, discomforts, and special joys. They teach us so much, even at their worst. At their best, dogs save our lives in quiet, as well as obvious, ways. Each dog has a soul all their own and we’re blessed to have the time we are given with them. These core values are at the heart of everything I do to ensure that I’m providing the very best service possible to you and your dog:

Mental Clarity

The name K9 Reflection can take on several meanings, but to me, it draws attention to the fact that outward behavior is often a reflection of inner thoughts and emotions.

Anxiety, fear, and depression obviously affect human behavior but it’s easy to forget that being in a difficult mental state affects our dogs as well. Dogs are emotional creatures and although they’re not able to process complex emotions the way humans do, undesired behaviors can be coping mechanisms that developed as a response to trauma in their past. When dogs are in a difficult mental state, they do NOT have the ability to learn. This means that no matter what method you try, you won’t have success in training. My programs are designed for long-term learning and are centered around teaching your dog more appropriate and alternative coping mechanisms and skills. They will leave feeling more relaxed, trusting, and confident overall while you’ll finally feel like you have some understanding and control.

Now let’s talk about you. Before we start work, my priority is to make sure that YOU are comfortable, that YOU feel safe, and that YOU are ready to take on the new challenges that will arise in training. If you’re not in a good state of mind, I’ll never judge you or force you into something that makes you uncomfortable. I’m here to work with you and your dog, and YOU are a huge part of that equation. We all have challenges in our lives and I want training to become a way to help you overcome some of your barriers as well! You’re not alone in your struggle and if you’re willing to lean into training, you’ll begin to see a positive change in yourself, as well as your dog. This is my dream for you and a gift I want to share with everyone.

Quality of Care

Every decision made at K9 Reflection is structured around the promise to provide the best quality of care to your dog. I take a holistic approach to dog training because health and safety are essential for your dog to feel comfortable enough to learn new things and change their behavior. I also take painstaking care to ensure each dog is healthy, comfortable, and safe because if I were you, I would want the very best quality of care for my own dogs. My holistic approach starts with overall health, diet, and exercise plans that suit both your lifestyle and your dog’s specific needs, including biological needs based on age and breed. My number one priority is to make sure that your dog is healthy, clean, comfortable, mentally stimulated, and having FUN before I ask them to cooperate with me under difficult circumstances. Rather than pushing your dog into a challenging situation and forcing their compliance, I’ll teach your dog to trust in your guidance and to feel joy at the opportunity to work with you as a team! I keep my intake very limited to ensure each dog gets the specialized attention required to make lasting changes.

Communication, Clarity, and Gratitude

During each and every interaction I have with a dog I am thinking about what and how I’m communicating with them, what and how they’re communicating with me, whether I’m being clear in those messages, and always reminding myself to stay humble and grateful. Dogs are communicating with us 24/7. If you start to pay attention to their body language, you begin to understand that they wear their emotions on their sleeves. Dogs don’t lie or deceive, they don’t act out of spite or resentment. My style of dog training prioritizes learning a new language before learning obedience. If you and your dog can communicate clearly with one another, then obedience naturally becomes a fun activity to work on together instead of a struggle for power and control.

Gratitude has changed my life in so many ways and I want to share a reminder to practice gratitude with your dog as often as possible. It’s truly a miracle that these beautiful animals (carnivorous predators) are so willing to live and work together with us. Dogs can frustrate us when we don’t feel like we don't have control of their behavior. Our society has placed some outrageous expectations on these animals that were not designed for our human culture. When your dog brings you a toy or nudges your arm asking for attention, before letting annoyance or frustration take over, take a moment to thank them for bringing you back to the present moment when your mind might be miles away. Some of these behaviors are messages in disguise- a reminder that life is passing by and that there is a lot of joy in coming back down to earth. We must recognize how lucky we are to be able to develop a deep connection with something that isn’t human. That’s a beautiful gift that we can’t let ourselves forget.

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